Cute kitten born with sorrowful and frightened eyes will melt your heart and steal your heart

Have you ever been in a position where you were walking about with a

worried expression on your face and people kept asking you why you were

acting that way?

Bum is a delightful kitten which appears unhappy or anxious all of the time but is actually very peaceful or, conversely, incredibly happy. This adorable creature would melt everyone’s heart, even though he was born with a sad expression.

Nobody can ignore this amazing spirit, not only because of his

extraordinary appearance, but also because he is a very caring and

adorable creature. You will fall in love with him the moment you see him.

He was only four weeks old when he arrived at the shelter where he was greeted with open arms. People began to refer to him as «worried eyes.» The small sweet kitten was shy at first, and he was wary of strangers, but after he saw the good and warm feelings of the shelter employees, he came out of his shell.

Bum is a lovely, adorable soul that is bursting with enthusiasm and

boundless affection for everyone. He, like all other common cats, enjoys

cuddling and napping under a nice, soft blanket. With his sad-looking eyes,

this kitten is incredibly empathetic and loving. Even if Bum has to put up

with this anxious expression for the rest of his life, everyone will like this

inside joyful and charming kitty.

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