Cow left by farmers finds a forever home with man and assists him in marrying

Quel the cow had just been born for three days when she met Ron.

Something inside Ron told him she was supposed to be a part of his life.

Do you believe someone who says he met his wife because of a cow?

Phillips Ron and Quel met after responding to a classified ad for a newborn calf.

He traveled three hours from his house to see the cow. Quel had only been born for three days. Quel has an identical twin brother.

This means that farmers would find it useless. Quel was represented by an attorney. Phillips, an animal lover, was the ideal candidate for the position.

While Quel’s first three days on Earth taught her disappointment, the days and years that followed taught her love and acceptance.

Quel, on the other hand, grew higher and taller with each passing day. She soon resembled a thousand-pound puppy.

The non-profit organization houses a variety of agricultural animals, including chickens, pigs, and cows.

The farm provides plenty of space for these creatures to develop and just be, especially when they’re as large as Quel.

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