Colorblind depicted the landscape in her own words: Now, everyone wants to see the world from her perspective

The artist chose to paint a landscape that amazed her fans because she sees colors differently than most people.

They compared the scene to the end of the world from a fairy tale.

This girl who doesn’t see colors keeps her page on the popular TikTok platform. The artist periodically displays the drawings she made.

She doesn’t see some colors the same way, but she also decided to try things without special glasses.

The outcome was better than expected. She was only guided by her own conception of the world when she sketched a landscape.

She thought she had a bottle of green before her when it came time to pick a color, but it was actually a deep brown.

The picture showed grass, which was a red color and had lilac leaves on the trees. However, when the girl looked at the heaven’s surface, she thought it looked like an ocean.

Her picture’s grass and trees turned a brilliant red, and the tree turned completely lilac.

However, based on the sky’s color, the artist correctly predicted. Many of the artist’s fans have come to understand that this condition does not stop talent from being displayed.

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