Claudia Schiffer, 51, shared an unaltered, ‘honest’ photo: Everyone must view it

Claudia was one of the most well-known fashion models in the world and Karl’s inspiration.

They say that she was the one who started the fashion industry’s era of blonde models.

Even though the 51-year-old celebrity is no longer on stage, she still looks great and can show it off on social media.

As a result, the model recently shared two pictures of herself in a bikini.

The celebrity did not alter the images, so minor flaws and age-related changes are evident.

And the fans were overjoyed by this. They noted that she does not require Photoshop and has an excellent appearance.

‘What a beauty,’ ‘It’s so nice to see a woman who loves her body even with minor flaws,’ ‘All these freckles, spots, and pigmentation — I think it’s very feminine,’ and ‘You are gorgeous!’

Emotions are not hidden by Internet users.

Moreover, she adheres to the same fundamental principles that almost all age models talk about in order to look like this.

Additionally, she has stated numerous times that she tries to wear as little makeup as possible on a daily basis.

For her situation, this is most certainly the best choice!

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