Cher, who is 76 years old, is working on two brand-new albums with a 37-year-old boyfriend: The artist is motivated by happiness

In November of last year, the singer made it clear that she was dating Aleks, a 37-year-old producer.

She expressed her contentment with her new boyfriend. Additionally, the artist appears to benefit from positive emotions, as she recently told E! journalists that she would simultaneously release two new albums.

She acknowledged that she greatly values her boyfriend’s abilities.

She says she’s a little excited, but that’s how any artist feels when they know they have a fascinating job to do.

Additionally, the singer stated that she intends to tour at the end of the year. She is aware that there is a lot of skepticism surrounding this romance.

Singer doesn’t care, though. She claims that she and him share a special bond and that she enjoys the attention.

Sources within the star’s entourage shared that ‘he makes her feel happier than ever.’ Moreover, she also discussed her relationship with her boyfriend.

All things considered, it sounds actually somewhat amusing. You see, I truly consider him to be a great man.

And this despite the fact that I have long since stopped randomly bestowing positive qualities on those around me,’ the star stated.

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