Cher made an honorary pathway appearance with a youthful sweetheart and they looked incredible together

Toward the finish of last year, it became realized that the 76-year-old artist engaged in relations with the 37-year-old maker.

Normally, from that point forward, a great deal of remarks about the big name showed up Online.

There were a lot of them who said that this relationship would end soon.

However, it would appear that the star will not pay any attention to the reviews. She and her lover made their first appearance on the red carpet just the other day.

The couple made their public appearance. She paired a jacket in a similar shade with a hint of metallic with her navy blue catsuit.

Additionally, her boyfriend picked a total black outfit. But most of all, Internet users watched as they looked at each other with such affection.

Many of the singer’s fans noticed that she is content with her young lover. Haters will hate, no matter what.

She stated earlier in an interview, ‘We are happy and do not bother anyone.’ She also talked about how the producer who was selected helps her be creative.

The artist even plans to tour the world in the near future.

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