Cat almost ruined a wedding by eating the flowers while the bride and groom were out of the house

Minnie, the cat, decided to plan a surprise for the owners ahead of their wedding day. The pet poisoned herself by eating part of a wedding bouquet that was given to the couple by colleagues.

Minnie ate white flowers, which are extremely hazardous to cats. Even tiny doses can result in renal failure which is deadly. The owners left the cat alone at home with the bouquet for a short while.

They observed pollen around the cat’s nose and mouth when they returned, which allowed them to respond quickly and notify the veterinarians.

Minnie was sedated and blood was drawn for testing. Then hemodialysis was conducted, which is one of the extra-renal blood purification procedures.

The treatment for the cat began barely 36 hours before the wedding.

«I’ve dealt with a lot of pet emergencies, but none like this,» the vet said.

Minnie, on the other hand, recovered fast, and the couple found that she was in good health on the day of the wedding. Later, the bride told the physicians that she cried tears of relief when she learned that her cat was okay.

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