Cacao, a pet rabbit who is as big as a dog, has gone viral

When viewers on social media spotted a pet rabbit that is about human height, they were happy. Cacao, the bunny, is now incredibly popular on social media, particularly Instagram, where he has over 420 thousand followers.

‘We decided on a rabbit because keeping a dog or cat in rental property seemed impossible.’ Maisie, our daughter, is a huge animal lover.

So we thought it was time to add to the family and began looking for a lovely rabbit.

The owner of a big rabbit comments, ‘We’ve discovered that large bunnies get along well with kids.’

Cacao had been accustomed to the change of surroundings and people, according to the woman.

With all of his family members, he immediately developed a common language. Many people overlook these cuddly creatures, but they are extremely intelligent.

Of course, they do not walk their pet, but they do send him out for some fresh air on a regular basis.

The rabbit eats two large bowls of carrots and hay during the day. Dried bananas and mangoes are also favorites of his.

‘We were quite fortunate because Cacao does not have a tendency to chew on the wires.

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