By watching videos on YouTube, a single mother of four constructs a large house with her children

Meet Klara, a stunning individual. Klara’s life has been put to the test by two divorces and two husbands.

She was left with four children on her own. The woman decided at that point that she needed to alter her life.

Consequently, the building was reduced to its foundation. Klara got the idea to build a frame house from this site.

After all, you can easily build such a structure on your own. Her children were 2, 11, 15, and 17 years old at the time.

She had to get a $150,000 loan from a bank in order to carry out the planned project.

The whole family set to work building a big house with building supplies and videos from YouTube.

Klara is no longer concerned about her children: She asserts that now that they have built a house, they are not thinking of any challenges!

It was very naive to construct a house without prior experience, but sometimes courage can be found in ignorance,’ Klara admits.

1066 square meters of space was added to the house! It also has even more features than you need.

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