By losing the most money in history, Musk set a world record: examine the events

The year 2022 is definitely not the best for EIon. It became clear that the entrepreneur had had such a significant loss of funds that he was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the individual with the largest loss of wealth.

He lost between 182 billion dollars, according to various estimates. This is said to have occurred as a result of a 65 percent drop in the value of Tesla shares.

As a result, his company’s value decreased by $85 billion in the final week of 2022, bringing its market capitalization down to $390 billion from $1.2 trillion a year earlier.

Additionally, Twitter is not performing well. After a number of lawsuits, he bought the social media last year.

There, he began enforcing his own rules and fired many employees.

Additionally, despite the fact that some Internet users were happy about new developments, others decided to completely leave the platform.

Gigi and other famous people, for instance, were among them.

And a businessman’s personal life has recently received almost as much attention as all of his activities.

However, he certainly finds irony in everything that goes on.

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