Brad Pitt is going to marry his new love as soon as the opportunity presents itself because he is so in love with her

The divorce proceedings between the former couple began in September 2016, and the entire world followed their progress.

Even now, the differences between the ex-spouses regarding the acquired property have not been resolved completely.

However, the actor is not stopped from contemplating a new marriage despite such a negative experience.

There is a rumor that he is so in love with the person he is currently dating that he really wants to propose to her.

However, not anytime soon. Sources from his entourage told Us Weekly journalists the following the other day: He has no doubt that he is in love with this woman.

And despite the fact that their relationship is still relatively new, he unquestionably views it as one that will last.

Despite his hectic filming schedule, sources claim that the couple spends almost all of their free time together.

Keep in mind that the actress’s unbalanced nature has been the subject of numerous Internet rumors.

He and his new girlfriend started dating in November of last year. They have already been spotted together multiple times by the paparazzi.

Additionally, sources claimed that he was able to introduce Ramon to the majority of his children.

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