Brad Pitt acquainted his new darling with the youngsters: and he is unconcerned about Angelina Jolie’s reaction to it

It would appear that after a few months of relationships and romances, he finally met the woman of his dreams.

A number of factors immediately point to this. First, they have been seen together multiple times.

Second, journalists from the Daily Mail recently learned that the actor had already introduced his children to his beloved.

Therefore, it appears that everything is very serious. In an interview with reporters, the insider emphasized, ‘She is familiar with most of his children.’

In addition, he stated that the new girlfriend takes care of his complicated divorce.

An actor who is done with the drama with his ex-wife was drawn to the woman because of her calm and restrained demeanor.

He doesn’t, however, worry about what she thinks about the situation. In fact, he no longer cares what Angie thinks.

According to the source, ‘He wants her to know that he is happy with another woman.’

His connection to her is only getting stronger as Angie says goodbye to everything that makes her think of their marriage.

His relationship with her is not as passionate or dramatic.

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