Boy travels nearly 3,000 miles to give his grandmother a hug: when they finally meet, look at them

Roman, a young boy, left the city on June 20 and traveled to London to see Grandma with his father Philip.

They had to go through many miles on a road that was almost 3,000 kilometers long.

Travelers rode bicycles and a donkey, walked through the mountains and forests, and took a boat cruise down the river.

Roman claims that he would have been better off walking this distance because riding was so uncomfortable. There were a lot of people who wanted to help; many of them met travelers and gave them the chance to relax and eat something delicious.

Roman and his father made it there on September 21, 93 days after the journey began.

The grandmother and her grandson finally got together after a two-week quarantine.

Boy was finally able to give her a hug after being away from home for 93 days.

The neighbors gave the family a round of applause on their neighborhood street.

Some even made the decision to walk to her house with the father and son.

After that, Roman shared the specifics of his incredible journey at a small celebration complete with cake and champagne.

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