Both of these twins desired to find the ideal partner: The same man is dating them

The term ‘twin’ appears to have existed since the beginning of time. Stories about the twins who are almost like mirror images of one another.

They were smart and beautiful at the same time. They were adored by one of the richest men in the country. He invited them to a beach dinner.

They are citizens of Australia. They are very similar twins.

The two of them had similar desire for men, and that is the means by which they became hopelessly enamored with a similar man, a technician.

He was a kind and thoughtful man as a result, and it didn’t seem to bother him that the two sisters were in love with him.

Going against the norm, he appeared to see the value in the consideration they gave him.

Everything was going well for the three of them as a small family until one day they realized they couldn’t share him equally.

The fact that one of them had to marry him led to a disagreement between them.

They came to a conclusion after lengthy discussions: He would marry each of the two sisters one at a time.

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