Blake Lively has had a 4th child with her husband: The man discusses his initial perceptions

A few days ago, the long-awaited addition to the famous family was revealed:they welcomed their fourth kid.

To share the good news, the actress uploaded a photo of herself with her husband and mother-in-law to her own blog.

Everyone started praising the couple right away because the hint was so obvious.

The happy dad has already managed to make the first comment following the incident, despite the fact that secretive parents continue to conceal the baby’s gender and name.

With four children, he described family life in detail. The actor says that she does a great job playing a mother to many children.

They are very enthusiastic about the event.

We wouldn’t have done it four times if we didn’t love it, he said in jest. He also added: Everything is okay.

Actually, it’s fantastic. Not without his well-known jokes, of course. The actor admitted that their home now has a real zoo.

Sitting in the kitchen—apparently the only calm spot in their home—the father of many children admitted, ‘Honestly, it seems that I will spend the rest of my life here.’

Nevertheless, his expression demonstrated his joy.

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