Big family purchased an old school bus and converted it into a cozy and comfortable home

Van life has become a new life experience for this American family. The family’s situation began to deteriorate about four years ago.

In order to fully equip life and meet everyone’s needs, the couple purchased a used school bus in 2018.

They turned it into a real mobile home after a long and thorough alteration with their own hands.

Comfortable and spacious. Thousands of miles have already been shared with the family, according to the speedometer at home.

And there are many cities in the country that the children and the couple have seen with their own eyes in the asset. The most stunning locations in the United States.

To date, the family has visited more than one city in the United States, stopping in the most picturesque locations.

The kids have grown up, but they still study online. As a result, the family was not required to relocate to one of the cities.

Children grow up with a wealth of life experiences. And it turned out to be a lot cheaper to live this way.

Furthermore, there is no need for the high costs associated with permanent residence in one location.

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