Beyoncé recounts her challenges as a person of color in the music business and how she become the artist with the most awards in history

Queen B becomes the artist who has received the most Grammy Awards with these 32 trophies in the shape of gramophones.

Beyoncé: a look back at the career of the artist who has won the most Grammys.

The callings that propelled the young lady, who previously wanted to sing and perform since adolescence.

At 9, she is as of now some portion of a gathering called Young ladies Thyme.

She joined this group with her cousin Kelly Rowland and her friend Latavius Robson, which initially comprised six girls.

The well-known trio decides to leave the Girls Thyme group after experiencing some setbacks.

She rose to fame at the end of the 1990s as the group’s true leader. Matthew, the band’s manager, is his father.

She won the ASCAP award for best pop author in 2002. This prestigious award has never been won by a black woman before.

She began her solo career in 2003, and Jay-Z began dating her. She has released four albums that support her feminist beliefs.

More than 104 million people enjoyed his music that year. She made a music video at the Louvre in 2018 that went viral and got a lot of good feedback.

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