Best buddies Kitty and Dog go pumpkin harvesting while having the cutest photo session ever

Since their first encounter, they have become unrecognizably different.

Cecil behaves like a dog, and Cello is a genuinely understanding and compassionate dog, according to Maria, the parents.

‘We always bring Cecil since she likes to go everywhere with me!’ With her sister, Cecil enjoys going on adventures and walking on her rope; recently, they went to a pumpkin field.

When we got to the pumpkin fix, Maria said, ‘They were both excited and needed to get out of the truck to start investigating.’

Cecil meowed while wailing. We picked a quiet property where they could both enjoy exploring on their own.

The closest friends made a few important attempts while exploring the pumpkin ranch, and the results are remarkable.

Cecil hasn’t been great pals in a while, but lately they’ve improved a lot at taking pictures.

They enjoy being close to one another, therefore they were happy to present together. Nearly nothing else matters as long as they are together.

With numerous trips to pumpkin ranches and other destinations in front of them, it is certain that they will always be the closest of friends.

They were best friends from the moment they met.

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