Bella Hadid expressed her displeasure regarding Gigi’s relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio: She believes he does not deserve her

It goes without saying that Bella and Gigi Hadid are very close friends. The sisters make an effort to support one another in their personal lives as well as their modeling careers.

Additionally, my sister made a cake for Bella’s recent birthday. Perhaps the most moving moment of the celebration was this one.

Nevertheless, the younger Hadid is already aware of the elder’s private life. Additionally, the relationship between her sister and DiCaprio, the enviable Hollywood bachelor, did not sit well with her at all.

Insiders discovered that Bella told her directly that she thought he was not worthy of her.

According to sources from the circle of stars, Bella is also embarrassed by the fact that he switched to her immediately after being in a relationship with Camila Morrone.

However, it is not the first time that it is revealed that his preference for models may hinder his relationship with her.

It goes without saying that many fashion models get along well with each other. Unsurprisingly, many Internet users find this somewhat perplexing.

Bella is certain that now is the time to concentrate on her responsibilities as a mother. The model has a daughter growing up.

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