Bella Hadid, a fashion icon, has revealed which hair accessory will be most popular in the summer of 2023

The glamorous model has already made plans to introduce a line of velour tracksuits that are bold and powerful.

Additionally, the well-known model diligently tests a number of fashion trends.

She has already established herself as one of the main trendsetters due to her enthusiasm for new products.

So, after looking at the new photos on her blog, we quickly realized that headbands will be back in style in the summer of 2023.

The popularity of this hair accessory has recently returned. She is now actively incorporating it into her outfits.

A black bikini and the wide, minimalist headband made perfect sense together.

We would also like to point out the shells and jewelry on her swimsuit, which will soon be available to wear not only on the beach but also in the city.

The reemergence of this trend has definitely piqued our interest.

The well-known fashion model completed her look with rather large earrings and a headband that covered her braids.

Such bright images were impossible to miss for Internet users. They began to talk about the model’s figure in the comments.

She is frequently a source of inspiration for many of them.

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