Before the introduction of a rat in his life, the three-year-old dog did not wish to make friends with anyone

We are confident that creatures of different species can be pals. It may appear nonsensical at times, yet the heart desires what it desires. And this anecdote is a perfect example of it.

Before the appearance of the rat, the dog, who had been professionally educated as a rescuer and therapist, did not want to be friends with anybody.

The rodent came to the dog blind and as a baby.

He was fed with an eye dropper and was regularly cared after.

When the dog observed how well the infant was being cared for, he evidently remembered his own childhood.

After all, he was discovered by the owners as a newborn puppy frozen in the parking lot.

The dog recognized that this animal was going through the same thing as him and that he needed love and care since shared sadness can heal. On several occasions, the dog has assisted in the therapy of both people and other animals. On a regular basis, he saw patients.

By the way, the dog raises his small pet in a perfectly educational manner. He is tough with him and never rewards him, instead shielding him from potential problems.

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