Because she dresses like a big girl, the young girl has gained popularity

Jinni, a doll from Turkey, will soon turn just nine years old, but she is already frequently invited to shows (as a model), maintains her Instagram account, and receives thousands of likes—all because she simply enjoys dressing up and doesn’t choose any particular clothes.

Since the infant was born with the ideal facial features, her mother chose to highlight her attractiveness and create a sense of style in her from an early age.

Due to her doll-like attire, the young girl gained popularity. Users of social media couldn’t help but notice this beauty.

Her page currently has more than 250,000 subscribers. She and her father also run a cooking-related blog on YouTube.

Jinni now enjoys taking singing and swimming lessons very much.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any free time to play games because her schedule is on time.

The model orders new clothing to give as gifts over the holidays. The young girl gained popularity because she dresses like a doll or big girl.

Whether the girl is going to school, a show, or the store with her mother, she always has elegant and fashionable clothing on.

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