Because she doesn’t want to be away from her daughter, Cameron Diaz made the decision to end her acting career

Prior to her marriage , she realised that she wanted to spend all of her time with her family and actively participated in film roles.

The quantity of jobs was diminished. In addition, the well-known person gradually came to the realization that she still desired children; prior to meeting the musician, the actress was completely devoid of children.

Cameron gave birth to a daughter at the end of 2019.

Even though Diaz gave birth three years ago, she still made the decision to follow the advice of her fans and attempt to return to the film industry.

After completing the current project, it is rumored that Diaz will quit her job permanently.

The celebrity, according to insiders, realized that she wanted to solely concentrate on raising her daughter.

Her time is taken up by 10-hour work shifts too much. Additionally, the sources stated, Cameron dislikes being away from her daughter.

Benji Madden, the actress’s husband, did his best to encourage her to try acting again. He went to the set even with his daughter.

She saw her family while filming, but this is not what she wants at all, according to insiders.

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