Because of the loss of her pet, a teenage girl began helping animals and met him while working at an animal shelter

A girl lost her pet a few years ago. While the entire family was on vacation, a black and white pet got away. They searched for him for more than a day, traveling all around the district, but were unable to locate him.

The girl was only 12 years old when the cat vanished, but he remained in her heart forever — and the girl chose to devote all of her free time to rescuing animals. The girl helped at a local shelter when she was old enough.

It was her second shift at an adoption facility, and she was looking forward to playing with the adorable kittens. What she didn’t expect was to run into her long-lost pet.

She discovered the cat. The girl instantly called attention to a strange black and white cat resting in a remote cage. «Does this look like my cat?» He looks exactly like my cat! » The cat had lately been transferred to a shelter; he was not yet accustomed to his new surroundings, and he had not yet begun to look for a new home.»

However, it appears that this is no longer essential. A new – or rather, an ancient – house was discovered. The shelter personnel needed to do some research into how the cat wound up in the shelter, and all of the data proved that it was the same cat who had gone missing three years before.

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