Because he believes it is the best way to live, this man has held his hands in the air for 38 years

In India, a hermit monk is known as a Sahu. This indicates that he does not rely on others and is committed to his own spiritual growth.

A monastic saint from India, is like that. In a very special way, he demonstrates his complete, unrestricted faith in God.

A moderately aged man, decided to live with his hands up for over 38 years.

One might ask, ‘Why?’ Figure out in this article why he does this and what he receives in return.

This small monk chose to live a life of asceticism, becoming a symbol of Shiva’s devotion.

During prayer, many people adopt the position of seeing their hands in the air because it helps them keep their palms open and receive God’s blessing.

He put his faith ahead of his family. Indeed, he chose a spiritual path over family over faith. He is now 72.

He was propelled by the tales of holy people and spiritualists who repudiated their family and material life to commit themselves to Shiva.

This follows a 38-year plainness here. His right hand’s joints are no longer in good shape.

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