At the coronation, the British criticized Katy Perry for her disrespectful behavior: what’s the problem?

The singer appears to be in danger of permanently harming the negative image that American tourists in the UK already have of her.

To put it mildly, the singer behaved extremely comfortably during the coronation ceremony. which stunned the English.

Everything began with the way that she remained on a remembrance stone laid in memory of the unbelievable English Head of the state Churchill in Westminster Nunnery.

Additionally, she did it not by chance but rather for the sake of a good picture.

After that, she was unable to locate her location for a considerable amount of time, and she made an extremely amusing effort to seek advice from the guests who had already gathered.

Additionally, the singer constantly took selfies, drawing everyone’s attention elsewhere. What’s more, leaving the function, she nearly fell from her high heels.

Users of the social media platform were delighted. Review that tomorrow the pop star, alongside Lionel Richie will partake in a show on the event of the royal celebration of Charles lll.

As an exceptional thank you, she was offered a short term visit in Windsor Palace.

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