At an Indian event, Zendaya made big news : Her outfit attracted her adoring fans

The Dior pre-fall collection, which was created in collaboration with the art school, recently had a rather high-profile show in India.

Numerous famous people came to see the stunning embroidery and laconic shapes in person.

In addition, the show itself was held at the ‘Gateway of India’ arch, one of the main attractions.

Numerous colors and patterns were embroidered on the skirt’s hem. She also had the appearance of a starry night sky.

A golden bodice complimented all of this.

She got a nice hairstyle Additionally, the image itself was embellished with two gold bracelets and small stud earrings.

Loaw Roch shared the photographs of his ward in the blog. He recently made the announcement that he would be leaving the profession.

The man, on the other hand, made the decision to keep creating images of the actress. because they became quite close while working together.

Despite the fact that the couple has been open about their relationship for a long time, they still rarely take photos together on events and red carpets.

There have been recent Internet rumors suggesting that the chosen one has already been proposed to by the actor.

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