At 2 meters and 14 centimeters, Rumesa GeIgi is regarded as the tallest woman in the world

Turkish woman Rumesa GeIgi stands apart from other women due to her height. Even the Guinness Book of Records mentions it.

However, a condition is directly connected to this record. Together, let’s locate a woman of unique size.

With a height of 2 m 14 cm, Rumesa GeIgi is now the tallest woman in the world. Unfortunately, an uncommon condition is the reason for her height.

It is significant that GeIgi was first included in the Guinness Book of Records in 2014.

She held the record for being the tallest teen in the world at the time.

Rumesa can walk with assistance, but she spends most of her time in a chair. ‘I enjoy being unique. I find it fascinating and I feel unique.

I can also reach the highest points with ease and look down on people. Not that bad,’ Rumesa sarcastically remarks.

A representative for Guinness World Records expressed their honor at including a Turkish woman in the list for a second time.

Rumesa GeIgi previously claimed that occasionally, individuals have really different reactions to her appearance.

Our hero has learnt to ignore it, nevertheless.

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