As an internet sensation, a dog that struggled to find his permanent home is now living his greatest life

No one wanted to take the puppy from the orphanage for months. The dog is white instead of brown. His nose, too, is pink rather than black. The dog’s vision and hearing are badly compromised.

This makes it difficult for him to walk for lengthy periods of time without becoming out of breath. He should also use sunscreen to avoid getting sunburned. A woman fell in love with the puppy right away.

The woman stated that she had never heard of dachshunds being born albinos before. She had no intention of taking the dog, but when she saw it, she couldn’t leave it alone.

«We didn’t pick him; he picked us.» «The dog believed that he would find pleasure and security in our home,» the owner explained.

The dog is now surrounded by love and care, and he has become famous as a result of his owner’s social media posts. He always draws the attention of passers-by when he’s out on the street.

People came up to take photos and get a better look at the dog. Despite the fact that the dog has disabilities he senses his owners’ affection.

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