As a man picks up a dog from the side of the road, it excitedly waves its tail

Every year, there are an increasing number of stray animals. These cats and dogs are either left by their owners or born on the streets.

When owners or city authorities fail to care for stray animals, there is an overpopulation.

Fortunately, animal shelters and animal protection organizations frequently solve this problem.

So, one of the non-profit organizations in the Serbian city is the largest shelter in the country, and it has provided shelter and food for hundreds of stray dogs.

The owners treat them and prepare them for future adoption. Then one day, the shelter’s owner came across a dog on the side of the road. It was a bad location because there were a lot of cars driving around.

When the dog saw the person, she knew she had found her salvation and began to wag her tail affectionately.

However, she was initially in bad shape, but she quickly recovered and went to meet the man.

As they continued, they noticed her brothers and sisters, whom the owner had apparently left all together. She was given the nickname Ninna and she is a young and healthy dog ​​who will soon find a permanent home.

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