Angelina Jolie intends to launch her own clothing line, but she may encounter significant challenges

The actress has decided to try her hand at the fashion industry in addition to donating her time to charity.

As a result, The Sun’s journalists discovered that the actress had applied for a trademark under the name Atelier Jolie.

Celebrity officials’ responses are currently being awaited by Daily Mail reporters.

She worked on the project for more than a year, it is known. In an interview with reporters, the insider stated, ‘She can start moving forward in earnest with her new venture if the trademark registration is approved.’

The actress’s new company, according to a trusted source, plans to produce jewelry as well as clothing.

Style of Jolie was already the actress’s own line. However, it has not been updated since 2018, and it has existed for more than ten years.

The insider stated, ‘She is a supporter of sustainable fashion, so her brand will be centered around this theme.’

Many people came to the conclusion that the couple was having a relationship after the paparazzi noticed them together.

However, the actress and the environmentalist only ate dinner together for two hours.

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