An old man demonstrated to everyone that true love exists when he started bringing a picture of his late wife to lunch every day at a restaurant

He is 93 years old and spent 63 years living with his wife. And the man’s emotions persisted even 4 years after she passed.

When they were still quite young, in 1948, the couple fell in love. When the girl received her high school diploma, the couple got married.

They were married for 63 years. They had eaten at the same restaurant every day for the past 13 years.

Even after she left him, Andre continued to have this behavior. He orders a dish from the daily special menu while sitting at the same table in the restaurant every day.

The individual had merged himself into the business, according to the restaurant’s owner.

She thinks that many people were moved by his dedication. Andre claimed that on occasion, he was told to simply find another woman.

He claims that some individuals believe that he simply cannot accept loneliness in this manner.

They were inseparable throughout the duration of their marriage.

He recalled the course of their average day: Andre makes about 125 visits to her each month and thinks of her frequently. This is what real love looks like.

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