An elementary school class chose to adopt a stray cat they wanted to care for

They discovered the school had a stray cat and made the decision to adopt it. Since then, the cat has been their school’s mascot because it behaves in such a funny way.

The cat was discovered near the establishment one day. They thought he might require assistance. They inquired whether their teacher and principal could treat him.

They were fortunate enough to obtain permission from the school. Sleeper was the cat’s name. Do you recall?

The country of Turkey is home to many cats. This is due to their protection of the Ottoman Empire’s major cities from rats.

The girl enjoys spending time with the other kids at recess and sleeping in the sun.

She likes to sit on the warm radiator when it’s cold. Animals should be a passion for every student.

The fact that so many students are developing a keen interest in animals makes the school director so pleased.

We take care of both people and animals here. We can contribute to making the world a more compassionate place in this way. the director states.

The school now has 161 students because one more student came in. Would you recommend animal therapy to children?

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