An elderly grandmother and her grandson have been working toward a significant goal together for many years

Brendon anticipated that spending time with his family would just help him forget about the continual thought of studying when he returned home from another year of veterinary school.

But while he was telling his grandmother about his trips and adventures, he was astonished to find out that she had never visited the ocean, the forest, the mountains, or the flatlands of which are so symbolic of America.

This admission was made by Grandma Joy four years ago. Brendon then unexpectedly extended an invitation for them to travel to the mountains.

Grandma concurred, too! She resided in a quiet home in a rural village her entire life.

She spent her entire life raising children and taking care of the home, never having the chance to travel abroad. Grandma was already 85 years old at that point.

She needed a cane to get around, but she liked the thought of traveling.

Brendon traveled with his grandmother to American national parks for four years.

She continued, albeit slowly, in going to the peaks of mountains despite her pretty respectable age, and in the desert, she even purposefully ran down sand dunes just for the fun of it.

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