An alligator that a guy keeps at home acts like a cat and requests petting

65-year-old Joe made the decision to have a pet after a very long period. But the man brought home an alligator instead of a dog.

This rare animal exhibits typical feline behavior, including a continual need to be petted and a desire for being close to his owner.

A few years back, Joe was visited by Walley the alligator. At a very young age, he was rescued in Florida.

The alligator quickly adapted to it at home and no longer resembles its relatives. The key is to care.

When Walley was younger, he disliked everything, and I had to keep comforting him.

The alligator now acts like a true pet because it associates humans with comfort and tasty food, he told reporters.

The man did not consider the alligator’s size to be an issue. Walley has reached a height of 1.37 meters and can eventually grow to a length of four meters.

Walley will have to relocate to the yard while still living in the house, given its current size.

The streets always brighten when Joe walks by with Walley on a collar. Even so, it doesn’t happen every day to see an alligator stroll by.

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