An admirable woman takes in a senior dog who has been in a shelter for 14 years and is 19 years old

Every dog hopes to be adopted by a caring family. It takes longer for some dogs than for others, though. Some wait in shelters for nearly their whole lives.

Stewie, for instance, stayed in the shelter for 14 years. He appeared to be destined to stay there for the rest of his life.

All of the staff members gave up and decided it was pointless to continue to find a home for a 19-year-old dog.

A former worker at the shelter disagreed, though.

After posting Stewie’s tale on social media, a woman just responded and decided to adopt Stewie, giving him the chance to live in a loving family and environment.

But she encountered a difficulty on the way. The animal shelter refused to let her adopt the dog, claiming that Stewie had already made the facility his home due to his prolonged stay there.

People who heard the story, though, showed her a lot of support. Finally, the shelter gave her permission to transport Stewie.

Now Stewie has a bed, a yard to play in, and—most importantly—a human owner who will love and look after him forever.

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