Among us, there are superheroes: this man spent 16 years and $7,000 to resemble Superman

Fernando Casillas has undergone considerable alteration in order to fulfill a childhood fantasy of becoming Superman.

He has already had 23 cosmetic procedures done so that he doesn’t resemble a dark-skinned Asian but rather a blue-eyed superhero.

In actuality, Casillas spent 22 years of his life working for the ideal. The dude is currently 41 years old!

The only obstacle the superhero cannot in any way overcome is a beer belly. Casillas even needed a physician’s assistant.

He was encouraged by the latter to take up exercise and quit eating chocolate at night.

He had to give up his other fixation on growing taller for the same reason. Because a superhero in a comic book is significantly taller than 170 cm.

The man paid $7,000 for his appearance, despite the average hourly wage in the Philippines being $1.4.

Due to his upbringing in a family, the man is hesitant to reveal his secret for how he made money on all of these activities.

His mother works as a food stall, and his father drives a taxi. He currently works as an animator for children and enjoys making them laugh, smile, and have hope.

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