Amazing transformation of a dog left for years and coated with 36 pounds of wool

The protagonist of this tale was a kind man who was concerned for his neighbor who rarely leaves the house and his dog, which the neighbor, as far as he knew, kept in a barn.

The Good Samaritan went to check on the animal after inviting a couple of trusted groomers.

They were surprised by the image that emerged before their eyes! The decision was made to clean the animal right away.

Dog was given a shower before being taken to a shelter, where he was given the name Kolio.

The animal had various health issues, but with the right care from the vet, he recovered swiftly.

Kolio started the process of readjusting to everyday life. The dog’s mood improved.

He realized that people may be trustworthy and good.

As soon as Kolio felt mentally and physically better, the volunteers started looking for a new place for him to live.

A married couple that fell in love with Kolio at first sight was chosen.

By the time he turned eight, the dog had developed a gorgeous coat of fur, found friends in a new home, and received dog ice cream and other treats from the residents.

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