All of the butterflies in his yard are buddies with the gentle dog

Mino has always been a loving, sensitive spirit since he was a puppy. He enjoys assisting his mother with whatever she is doing.

Especially while she is working in the garden.

The family’s garden is filled with a variety of flowers and plants.

They attract a variety of butterflies — and it didn’t take long for Mino to become companions with all of them.

The butterflies have become fond of Mino as well. They will frequently settle on him to rest for a bit.

Whenever they do, he is always really kind. He allows them to sit on him for as long as they like.

Mino has always been skilled at posing for photographs. He even has his own culinary program with his mom.

Mino never misses an opportunity to see and spend out with every butterfly that stops by since the family’s garden has become such a paradise for butterflies from all over.

Mino adores his butterfly companions and will always try his utmost to be nice and protect them while they are there.

What a unique friendship between different species.

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