After years of living on the streets, a cat finally finds a family to love

Winter is one of the most favorable seasons for some people. Nonetheless, for stray animals, winter is a terrible season through which they must fight to survive.

Meet Pado, a long-lost kitty who spent years in the city streets. The cat’s life had been difficult as he had to fight his way through multiple harsh winters.

Unfortunately, many people noticed him wandering the streets, but no one came to his aid.

Fortunately, the small cat was discovered and safeguarded by a great lady. In any event, the cat was afraid of others, and he wouldn’t let anyone close to him. Seeing the poor little cat, the lady decided to assist him.

They placed traps in his space, but the arrangement didn’t work because he was probably aware of how to avoid traps and didn’t want to fall into one.

So the rescuers provided him with food and cared for him until he came near.

Finally, they had the option of touching him and transporting him to the veterinarian.

Rescuers escorted him back home where he could begin his recovery. The kitty quickly falls in love with his new life and is ready to find a permanent family.

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