After getting the car in an incident, Kanye West bought a friend a $10 million car: Many people long for such a friend

Even after his divorce from his ex-wife, it appears that the rapper will continue to make the news.

Before, Internet users had a chance to talk about how much the rapper spends on Balenciaga clothing.

Beforehand, many were certain that he was just getting things nearly free — as the performer again gave motivation to discuss himself.

A luxury car that Ye bought for streetwear designer Barni, 30, recently went viral on social media.

I really received a Maybach from you!’ — The fashion designer was pleased. He emphasized that he had used his very similar Maybach just a few days prior to that.

Barni also emphasized that he did not talk about it to anyone about the event, not even his fans.

The designer once more thanked him at the end of his post. By the way, this isn’t West’s first time supporting Barni.

He made remarks about a Barni rumor in 2018. Barni, I value your perspective and vision.

The rapper wrote on social media, ‘Real heroes will never let someone else’s perception or culture stand in the way of them.’ What do you think?

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