After the wife left him to care for their infant daughter, he succeeded as a father

Naturally, Rick was taken aback when his wife left.

Now he had to take care of a young girl who, it seemed, could not lie still for even a minute—something he had never had to do before in his life.

The father by himself was initially perplexed.

He started to realize that if he didn’t get his act together, he wouldn’t be able to give his daughter a good upbringing or a future after all after seeing the child’s face.

The man started to become more composed and started reading parenting-specific literature, but everything he found there was more motherly advice.

Dad however handled it. The guy, however, had to acquire entirely new lessons as the girl grew older.

Dad and daughter then eventually developed an everlasting friendship. Rick is relieved that he is managing his parental responsibilities and is relieved that he no longer has to endure what he did in the initial weeks and even months after his wife left.

When his adored daughter smiles, that is what matters most to him. And he is prepared to do anything to preserve this smile.

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