After the court discussion that was associated with the first wedding, Brooklyn and Nicola will have a second one

The heirs of two of the wealthiest and most prominent families got married in April of last year.

In appearance, the couple’s wedding was nothing short of a dream.

We recently discussed legal proceedings, the specifics of which surfaced online nearly a year later and surprised the couple’s fans.

After the father of the bride filed a lawsuit against the ceremony organizers and demanded the return of his 132,000 pound deposit, it turned out that the organizers themselves issued a statement in response.

As a result, it would appear that she was disappointed, so she decided without second thought to throw another party.

The publication Closer, citing its source, claims that the model still cannot change the memory of a wedding and even links the incident to family tension.

For their one-year wedding anniversary, there was talk of a new ceremony.

The source elaborated, ‘She wants to repeat this day with a new gown, new photos, and new organization.’

She will finally have a chance to recover, and she will wear a Victoria gown to the altar. What do you think?

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