After ten years of charming passengers, the beloved train station kitty was given the position of ‘Head of Customer Relations.’

Peter, an elderly cat, has been visiting the station for the past ten years.

The kitty lives in a private home near the station, but something draws him to the station rather than walking through other people’s yards.

The kitty first came here as a kitten. He basically just sits or lies down on the seats, staying away from the dangerous railings. The cat transformed into a local celebrity almost instantly.

Many people believe that the feline recognizes them or meets them and that he likes to be constantly loved. The kitty was especially adored by the Station’s specialists, who showered him with affection.

Furthermore, when the feline grows tired of the extra attention, he wanders around the station or sleeps in less congested areas.

Peter has a Facebook page that was created by the station personnel and has over more than 3,000 followers.

Apart from general affection, Peter receives large amounts of toys from travelers, and the station staff looks after him so well that the cat’s owners have become accustomed to the cat returning home with a full stomach.

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