After stealing his favorite toy five times from a store, a dog has it bought for him

It all began when the pitbull attempted to steal a toy from a store many

times. After snatching the toy from the dog, the business owners drove him

out each time. The pit bull, on the other hand, was tenacious.

He returned to this business several times. And he was only interested in

this giant purple unicorn, not any other toys. The business owners

ultimately phoned zoo control after realizing that this would never end.

An officer determined that the only way to persuade the recalcitrant dog to join them was to buy him this purple toy when its representatives arrived to pick him up. He gladly followed the cops as soon as he was shown the desired toy.

The pit bull was surrendered to the animal shelter. Since then, the pet hasn’t let go of its beloved unicorn for even a second. He licks it, sleeps with it, and plays with it. In general, he demonstrates his affection for his stuffed pal in every manner conceivable.

Sisu is still a puppy (he’s roughly a year old), so his obsession with a toy makes sense. But why is the pit bull so fascinated by this unicorn?

This has a totally reasonable explanation. The workers at the shelter

presume that the dog had a similar toy when he was younger because he

evidently lived in a household before being dumped on the street.

People posted his story on social media. His story gained popularity and as a result, he and his favorite toy were adopted. And now they enjoy their new home together.

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