After seeing viral images of his makeover, a homeless guy reunites with his family after many years apart

A man found himself in a difficult predicament. The man has been homeless for three years.

Jono walked into the barbershop one day and timidly asked whether they could do anything about it.

Alex recalls being taken aback by the man’s delicacy and timidity, as well as his ability to communicate himself.

It was clear that he was well-educated. The barbershop owner then decided to give the homeless a kind gift: a day of beauty.

Jono’s hair was styled. The man had a really big transformation. Alex shared photos on the internet with Jono’s permission.

Alex also provided Jono with two pairs of trousers, shirts, and shoes.

The homeless man thanked Alex with all his heart, saying that he felt normal for the first time in many years.

Alex told Jono’s tale and shared his photo online. People began to leave positive comments about the man’s transformation.

The homeless man was recognized by his relatives, including his mother and sister. Mom and sister arrived shortly after.

This is how the family reunion took place. And it’s all thanks to the internet’s power.

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