After observing students buy food with money, the dog decides to obtain some with leaves

Dixy is a dog who lives on the grounds of a Technological Institute.

The institute’s personnel adopted the dog, and Dixy now roams freely across the campus, occasionally getting food from lecturers and students.

Dixy turned out to be a really intelligent dog. He determined that he didn’t need to bother others for this after witnessing what happened before his supper several times.

If the vendor requests some leaves in return for food, Dixy will gladly provide them. The salesperson from the small store on the institute’s grounds couldn’t believe his eyes one day.

The dog ran forward and stood on his hind legs in front of him, placing a leaf gathered from a nearby shrub on the counter. It looked like money in terms of color and form.

«He just came before me with a leaf in his mouth, swaying his tail, and showing that he wanted a treat,» the foundation’s chief describes.

She couldn’t help but «sell» cookies to the dog, who had surprised her with his conduct. Who’s to say that money doesn’t sprout on trees after that?

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