After giving birth to her son, Emily Ratajkowski felt so bad that she thought she should have left her husband

The model’s ex-husband’s numerous betrayals were the basis for her decision to divorce, according to reports that surfaced online last summer.

Around then, the star would not remark on the data — and it is very justifiable, in light of the fact that the maker, no matter what his way of behaving, stays the dad of her cherished child.

Emily started spending time with other men after quietly divorcing her husband.

She only mentioned divorce in vague terms a few times and stated that this decision was superior to anything else.

The model recently participated in a brand-new podcast interview.

The model made it clear in an interview that the decision to divorce her husband was not at all impulsive.

It turned out that she simply lacked the strength and determination to end this relationship for a long time.

She naturally decided that it was all about her at first. However, this was not the best course of action.

Additionally, she emphasized that her desire for a ‘normal’ family only contributed to her condition.

Internet users believe that the husband’s frequent betrayal is the only issue.

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