After getting married, a couple loses 350 pounds together and is now unrecognizable

When Agnes was little, she was always overweight. However, as she grew older, her waistline kept growing.

She constantly had health issues, but she was aware that her unhealthful relationship with food was the root of the issue.

Agnes’ habits worsened when she met and fell in love with her husband, Gerald.

She and Gerald enjoyed eating fast food, consuming large chocolate bars. Agnes and Gerald were the biggest they had ever been when they walked down the aisle together.

They each weighed close to 350 pounds. However, Agnes’ weight had its effects.

Due to the hundreds of pounds of extra weight, his body was beginning to fail.

When she saw the doctor, she learned the unpleasant but essential information that would enable Agnes to finally make changes in her life.

She informed me that weight loss was the only option.

We eventually overcame everything and began a new life with Gerald, she stated. We together reduced about 350 pounds.

Only love toward yourself can help you overcome things. Now she is happy with her husband in a new body. What a story.

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