After Gerard Piqué cheated her with new gf Shakira opened up for the first time about their divorce

When the news of the couple’s divorce spread throughout the world in the summer of 2022, many people were surprised by how quietly the couple, who had been together for more than ten years, parted ways.

However, everything was turned upside down just a few months later when a variety of information about the situation surfaced on the Internet.

During an interview, she emphasized: Women who don’t support other women can’t be good.

In this story, I also believed that a woman only becomes complete when she is with a man.

Additionally, I had a dream in which the mother, father, and children all resided together.

However, I came to the realization that we are compensated in some way if we do not achieve our goals in life.

For instance, the celebrity emphasized, ‘I have two children who fill me with love every day.’

She went on to say that she ‘loved love’ and was heavily reliant on men throughout her life. But what transpired allowed her to reevaluate her own feelings and thoughts.

I need to get braver now that I can rely on myself and my two children,’ the star continued.

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